YOKOHAMA (JAPAN)-195/65R15 91V

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  • Brand Name:             Yokohama
  • Pattern:                     BLUE EARTH AE50
  • Origin:                       Japan
  • Application:               Passenger car
  • Dry Grip:                    75%
  • Wet Grip:                   70%
  • Road Feedback:          70%
  • Handling:                    71%
  • Wear:                         59%
  • Comfort:                    76%
  • Item Weight:               8.6 Kg
  • Package Dimensions:   64 x 37 x 18.6 cm
  • Rim Diameter:             15 Inches
  • Load Index Rating:       91
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Yokohama tyres give a peaceful ride and consoling grip on wet and dangerous streets. Intended to take drivers up to 10% further on a tank, these tyres for regular drivers who need to set aside cash. The orange oil innovation in its cutting-edge Nano mix elastic compound includes grip at a smaller scale level. Subsequently, the eco-friendly eco tyres have the hold this brand is renowned for.

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