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Technical details:

  • Brand: Mobilgard
  • Model: 570
  • Application: Marine Lub Oil
  • API Grade: 50
  • SKU: 208 Lt
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Mobilgard 570 by ExxonMobil is a premium quality, high-performance marine diesel engine cylinder oil. The outstanding performance of Mobilgard 570 has been demonstrated at the elevated peak firing pressures and liner temperatures found in modern marine two stroke engines. It has an optimum viscosity of over 20 cSt. at 100ºC and low volatility to ensure excellent lubricant distribution and oil film retention. Through the use of a balanced formulation for all-round performance, Mobilgard 570 has demonstrated the ability to minimize cylinder oil feed-rates whilst showcasing excellent cleanliness under sustained operation with fuel Sulfur levels down to 1.5%.

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