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Technical details:

  • Segment: Industrial Gear Oil
  • API Grade: ISO VG 320
  • SKU: 20 lt/kg
  • ViscosityIndex, ASTM D2270: 172
  • Pour Point, ASTM D5950: -33 ºC
  • Flash Point, ASTM D 92: 225 ºC
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Mobil SHC 632 is formulated from high-performance base oils and a superior balanced additive system to provide optimum engine performance in modern diesel and gasoline engines as well as older models. Increased output increases the demands. Tighter designs reduce oil consumption, resulting in less fresh oil make-up to replenish depleted additives. Top fire rings are located higher bringing the oil film closer to the combustion chamber where higher temperatures increase the thermal stress on the lubricant.

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